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What is Amtico

What is Amtico
Amtico is a premium PVC flooring product
made in the
UK for over 38 years.
Six layers of pure PVC are heat fused together to
create an individual and extremely hard wearing
floor suitable for any room in the house.
There are over 250 products in the range which
replicate natural materials such as woods, marbles
and stones as well as stunning contemporary products such as glass and treadplate all with a 20 year
product wear guarantee.
There is also a range of commercial use products very similar to the residential range.
For more details on the ranges available
and to see hundreds of ideas, take a look
at the Amtico website :
Amtico is a world class, world renowned product that can be used to create a warming atmosphere at home and in high traffic businesses. Here are a few details on what goes into Amtico and how it is actually manufactured.
What Is Amtico Made From?
Amtico flooring is made from a resin, which is compounded with various high quality plasticizers and mixed with stabilizers. These ingredients are all compressed under high pressure and subjected to high temperatures. When completed the flooring is extremely durable, very thin (thinner than laminates such as Pergo) and with a close resemblence to real wood. In fact one of the things that many people comment upon is the life-like properties of Amtico, even though it is entirely man-made. Amtico flooring acheives this using customized printed films which is then placed between a protective layer and the glued to the core. Amtico also offer a range of metallic and stone effect tiles that are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, where many perfer a tile rather than wood. As Amtico is non-porous there is no issue with water seeping through.
What Is Used To Protect It?
Amtico flooring tiles are protected by a coating of super tough urethane. This layer of high specification urethane protects the printed film from scratching, while making the floor a charm to keep clean. The urethane layer also keeps the floor looking radiant, so you don't have to go and polish it.
Is An Amtico Floor Slippy?
As Amtico floors are non-porous it will not absorb and moisture. Therefore, if you are mopping a floor or spill water it will either have to be dried with a cloth or you will need to allow the moisture to evaporate. If the Amtico floor is in a public area you should take precautions and provide warning signage.
Amtico flooring is just about the most hardwearing and practical alternative to real wood.

Have a look at the comprehensive selection of Amtico flooring in the latest natural wood designs. These range from the softest colours such as white maple, to the mid toned classic oaks, and on to the darkest colour in our range Wenge Wood. All Amtico woods are genuine British made commercial grade {not the Asian made Spacia} and are available in 'tick' finish in the 114mm x 915mm standard size. They are all available from stock for next day delivery so you can avoid the frustrating long delivery times quoted by supposed Amtico stockists. You can even check out our real time stockholding online so that you cab book your installer in advance.

Choosing Amtico flooring means you don't' have to worry about long tem maintenance- your floor will never need sanding or re-finishing. The tough abrasion resistant surface will repel stains and moisture making it an ideal choice for wet areas such as bathrooms and shower rooms, and heavy wear areas such as hallways and entrance lobbies.

Amtico wood authentically replicates the natural product and it's true characteristics. The Stripwood is highly variable in grain, shade and decoration. Please consider this in your product selection, as our online images only display a small section of the material.